September 11, 2013

Mutiara Taman Negara Pahang.

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Hi, seems I come back from hiatus as too much work in the few month ago got my mood down to blog. So, here I am to clean up my dusty blog.

On, 21 July , my friends and I went to Mutiara Taman Negara to fulfill our subject needs. The resort located at Kuala Tahan, Pahang which really far away from the town ( Jerantut ).

If you go by yourself (not by any travel agency) you might have to cross the river by boat which cost just RM1 per person to reach the resort. Sorry I didn't snap the photo of the pit stop to ride up the boat :P...

Mutiara resort provides you various type of chalets such as normal chalet, family chalet,chalet suite, bungalow,and hostel/dormitory. The rate is depends on the type of chalet and usually higher on the peak season.

The restaurant has separated section.. usually the front and the outside section would be full...

the restaurant.

Wild animal is let be free here, you might snap photos, but not to touch them because they might harmful.

Yeah... this barking deer might looks cute, but it used to bite people... touch it on your own risk... but you can take photos near it... it won't bite if you just sit still beside.... other wild animal that you might see is boar, tapir, and porcupine.

You may enjoy several activities that provided by the recreation department....

1) Rapid shooting
Experience 7 major rapids; Nusa, Dua, Abai, teras, dedari, Panjang and Terenggan. Enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna along the river bank. Sorry, I didn't snap any photos while on the boat because worried my camera be drenched by the water....but for me, the view is nice along the river :)

2) Visit aboriginal ( orang asli )
The aboriginal village is beside the river bank and quite small. 
their village

Once you arrived there, your mr. guide tell the story/history about the aboriginal then, you have the chance to experience how to hunt animal...actually, you just blow the hunting pipe toward a doll, but it quite interesting.
This kid shows how to make a fire using woods and the dart for the blowpipe.

mr. Sabaruddin giving the explanation about the blowpipe.

These kids show how to blow the blowpipe.

3) Jungle trekking
Experience the canopy walkway, "the longest suspended bridge in the world". Beautiful scenery of flora and fauna, tree species and bird watching. 

Mr. Hasbi whom guide me and other guests on that day.

This is the place people like to stop and snap the breathtaking view on the hill. Well I didn't waste the chance too...

The route to Teresek Hill.

You are not allowed to snap photos on the canopy walk, if you do, do it on your own risk.

Huge ant.

Known as tiger palm tree.

4) Lata Berkoh
The most popular activities. The scenery along the river to reach Lata Berkoh was really awesome to me :D ... If you afraid of bloodsucker, you should wear proper cloth.

This is the place where the boatman will stop and you have to walk about 10 minutes to the destination.

The luck was not on my side..the day before was heavy rain and the water level rose thus, I can't swim .. :(

5)Lubuk Simpun
This activity is not provided on the list, and you don't have to pay any money, unless you book for private guide to show you the way.
Cross the camp site before arrive at Lubuk Simpun.
It is a place you can swim with tranquil atmosphere.

Found natural reflexology stone :)

6) Night Jungle Walk
I didn't manage to snap photos because I forgot to bring my camera, wuwuuuuuu~~~
But you might see snake, spiders, mouse deer, frog, and many more.... the guide doesn't guarantee that you might see all of the animals.... it depend on your luck....

For more information, you can visit their official website here.

*sorry, my mind kinda blank when writing in english.

Terima kasih kerana sudi baca, assalam